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Comfortable With premium materials available throughout the cabin, sinking back in the seats of this All-New Ford Kuga provides a whole new world of comfort for your travels.
Connected With Ford’s innovative SYNC 3 technology, connecting to your smartphone for the safe and simple operation of multimedia and communications is assured.
Powerful An intelligent new hybrid engine provides the All-New Ford Kuga with impressive power delivery, economic performance, and lower CO2 emissions than ever before.


A Luxury Experience

The exciting All-New Ford Kuga is a model that simply exudes quality, with its premium cabin providing you with plenty of comfort as standard. Contemporary in style and with plenty of space for the whole family, the All-New Kuga has been developed to be as practical and versatile as can be, meaning modern motorists will be able to arrange the fold-down, sliding seats into a configuration that suits their needs. This seating also features the highest standards of upholstery, meaning you and your passengers can sit back and relax.

For the driver, the arrangement of the cabin has been optimised to provide the most intuitive experience possible. Carefully positioned controls put all functions at your fingertips, with the well-equipped dashboard featuring controls for climate control, entertainment, driver information, and more. 



The All-New Ford Kuga features an aesthetic that stands out like never before. From the swept-back windscreen to the distinctive front grille, every measure of the model has been carefully considered and guarantees heads will turn. Contemporary LED headlights will illuminate the road ahead and ensure you’re always visible to others, while the bold alloy wheel options ensure that the vehicle grips the road and provides first-class handling no matter where life takes you.

For those wanting to tailor the All-New Ford Kuga to their own specific tastes, a host of premium finishes enables you to customise the appearance. From Magnetic Grey to Frozen White, the eye-catching finishes and ample dimensions of the model will always make a splash.

Power & Efficiency With the All-New Ford Kuga, there’s no room for compromise. Alongside the ground-breaking Mild Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid options, you can choose from a 1.5-litre EcoBoost petrol or 2.0-litre TDCi engine and experience the strength that’s ready to be unleashed. Providing a powerful, composed drive, this is a model that also keeps an eye on the environment, emitting as little as 122g/km and returning up to 60.1mpg. With Auto Start-Stop to help cut fuel consumption and Intelligent All-Wheel Drive to tackle slippery conditions too, it delivers an assured ride through every mile.
Technology There’s much to admire about the looks of the All-New Ford Kuga, and plenty to impress when it comes to technology. Ford SYNC 3 technology is renowned throughout the automotive industry for providing the utmost in connectivity, enabling you to stream audio, access satellite navigation, and even safely manage your communications while out on the go. Plus, with the FordPass Connect modem also included, your passengers will undoubtedly be delighted to be able to connect up to ten devices to a WiFi hotspot.
    Plug-in Hybrid Equally suited to congested city streets and winding country roads. The All-New Ford Kuga’s advanced Plug-in Hybrid technology combines a battery powered electric motor with its 2.5-litre Duratec petrol engine – delivering a combined Hybrid power output of 225 PS, together with outstanding fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures of just 26g CO2/km (NEDC).
    Mild Hybrid The All-New Kuga’s Ford EcoBlue Hybrid diesel option incorporates a small electric motor with a 48-volt battery to help improve engine efficiency.

    This is a Mild-Hybrid Electric powertrain, which cannot be driven solely on electric power. Instead the electric motor provides additional support to the combustion engine when needed, helping both to increase your vehicle mileage, and reduce emission figures.
    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Maintaining optimum tyre pressure is essential to your vehicle’s performance and safety, with this smart technology able to alert you to any loss in pressure automatically.
    Active City Stop By measuring the distance between you and the vehicle up ahead, Active City Stop is able to automatically apply the brakes to the Ford Kuga in slow-moving traffic, helping avoid any potential collisions.
    Trailer Sway Control For those planning on travelling with a trailer, the intelligent Trailer Sway Control of the Kuga is able to automatically adjust the vehicle’s speed should it detect that the load being towed is experiencing too much lateral movement.
    Electronic Stability Control A feature common to many models, Electronic Stability Control monitors performance of your vehicle, initiating a braking pulse to specific wheels in order to help stabilise the Ford Kuga when out on the road.

    Price starting from £23,995