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New Ford GT

Scorching performance

Constructed mostly from carbon fibre and aluminium, the new Ford GT is ultra-lightweight, making it a dream to drive. Buttresses and the ability to lower the car by 50mm improve the aerodynamics further. Even the rear-wing can change shape while driving to optimise airflow for the fastest performance.

It’s powered by a 3.5-litre V6 engine that puts out a mighty 647bhp which is mid-mounted just behind the seats. Long suspension arms and inboard damper packaging make it perform like a true sports car on the racetrack. Every owner should take the GT to the racetrack at least once to let it reach the hair-raising top speed of 216mph.

Brakes made for safety and performance

Stop sharply and slow down quickly when you need to using the Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes. They’ll keep you safe and help you to get around corners sharpish.

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