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Do I need to tax my car after SORN?

If you have declared your vehicle as being off the road by filing a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN), then you aren’t required to pay road tax on it.

In order to obtain SORN, the car must be kept on private land and never taken on public roads. If it is kept parked on a public road – the street outside your home, for example – it must be both taxed and insured, even if you never use it.

You must notify the DVLA that the car is off the road by sending in a completed SORN, either online or by post.

Stopping a SORN

If you are in the process of purchasing a vehicle that is currently registered as off the road, you will need to either renew the notification yourself from the date of the transfer, or apply to tax it. This is a fairly simple process, and you can do it online. You’ll need to provide the new keeper supplement from the V5C when you obtain the vehicle in order to complete your application. Bear in mind that, as a new owner, you cannot legally drive the car until it has been taxed – any attempt to do so could result in a fine.

If you still own the vehicle, but want to stop SORN and tax it, you’ll need to apply with either the vehicle tax reminder letter (V11) or the V5C registration certificate to hand. Again, taking the car onto a public road before you receive confirmation that it has been taxed could result in a fine.

Please note that in both cases a valid MOT certificate is typically required for vehicles of three years and over when applying for road tax.

If you have any further questions about vehicle tax or SORN, speak to your local Peoples Ford team today.