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Widely regarded as the van that keeps Britain's businesses moving, the Ford Transit Van has been redesigned to make it tougher, more practical and more economical than ever before. Being the largest van in Ford's range, the new Transit Van cuts a striking image. Its profile has been redesigned to ensure better aerodynamics and cut down on wind resistance, resulting in improved fuel economy and lower running costs. The unmistakable front-end design with its bold grille and high-tech headlamps convey the rugged nature of the vehicle and its no-nonsense attitude. There are also many variations available, and whether you're looking for a Jumbo Long Extended wheelbase or a medium, low roof variant will depend entirely on your business.


While the interior of the all-new Ford Transit Van is car-like, extremely spacious and comfortable, it is also incredibly durable. The layout of the cabin has been designed to make it as simple as possible to run a business on the move, with easily-accessible controls and plenty of storage compartments. State-of-the-art technology helps to make working away from the office a breeze. The Ford SYNC multimedia system makes keeping in touch with clients and co-workers simple, while its integrated Emergency Assistance feature can call for help within seconds in the event of an accident. The Transit Van has a huge maximum load area offering up to 15,100 litres of cargo space and the ability to accept items up to 4.2 metres long with the standard bulkhead in place. This makes the Transit Van the ideal tool for businesses that need to stay flexible when it comes to transporting goods.

Ford Transit load capacity

The new Ford Transit van provides impressive load capacity, ensuring you can accommodate everything you need for the day’s tasks. Up to 15.1 cubic metres of rear space means you can transport items reaching three metres in length, and wide opening side doors and a rear access step ensure getting to and from the space is simple. In the cargo area you’ll find wall-mounted tie-down points to keep your products or equipment secure, as well as lamps to help you find what you need easily.

Choose the Double Cab-in-Van to transport up to seven people while benefitting from a load space of between 5.7 and 10.6 cubic metres. Three wheelbase options and roof heights enable you to select the luggage capacity that best fits your needs.As with the regular van, wide opening rear doors that lock at 270 degrees make getting cargo in and out much easier.

Ford Transit weight limit

As a heavy duty commercial vehicle with the ability to handle loads of all sizes, the new Ford Transit van has an impressive weight limit. There are three wheelbases and three heights to choose from, with the largest option boasting a remarkable weight limit of 2.1 tonnes – plenty for all your equipment or goods. Not only that, a trailer can be attached to the model too, enabling it to tow as much as 3,500kg.

The Ford Transit also offers maximum security while you’re transporting heavy cargo. Clever features are included, such as Load Adaptive Control, which adjusts the stability control function to cater to the overall weight of the vehicle. This ensures you stay secure on the road whether the Ford Transit is empty or fully laden. Trailer Sway Control, meanwhile, reduces snaking and sway as you tow, giving a more controlled and safe experience at any speed.

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The Transit Van's range of 2.0-litre TDCi diesel engines with six-speed transmissions is designed to provide exceptional levels of power while remaining incredibly efficient. For many businesses, saving money through reduced running costs is essential, so new fuel-saving innovations such as Smart Regenerative Charging, and automatic start/stop technology play an important role.

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