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A true hatchback experience like no other. Built for your lifestyle with the outstanding driving dynamics of the UK's favourite small car.​

Yellow Ford Fiesta Front View
Comfortable Bespoke Active series interior
Connected Ford SYNC 3 Technology
Powerful Go where no Fiesta dared go before
Ford Fiesta interior


Comfort & Convenience

​The Ford Fiesta Active is unlike any Fiesta before it, sporting an interior design that exudes a sense of luxury and relaxation that competes with anything on the market. Intelligent arrangement of the cabin means that there is real, practical legroom for all: the sculpted backs of the rear seats are slimmer than ever, meaning they’re set further back. An optional panoramic roof can be opened to the outside elements, further enhancing the sense of space to be found. 

You and your family can enjoy the feeling of freedom when natural light floods into the cabin. Combine this level of comfort with the impressive level of technology, and each and every journey in the Ford Fiesta Active will prove unforgettable. Take, for example, the ability to connect your vehicle to your smartphone. Not only does the Fiesta Active have the clever My Ford Dock in which to safely store your mobile device, but the innovative SYNC 3 technology enables you to connect and control your phone, navigation, and entertainment features. You can also access selected apps via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, using the touchscreen. 

Yellow Ford Fiesta in the woods



The exterior of the Fiesta Active is nothing if not striking. With additional cladding, roof rails, and unique chunky alloy wheels, it’s as though the Fiesta Active is the muscular older brother of its sibling. Plus, with a raised ride height, you’ll enjoy exceptional visibility and a sense of total control. This control is further enhanced by the host of safety measures. Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detect will step in to warn you of a potential collision, and automatically apply the brakes should you not respond, while Electronic Stability Control and Anti-Lock Braking support you in the event of on-road incidents.

Performance and efficiency The award-winning 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine delivers the power you would expect from a 1.6-litre without the compromise on fuel efficiency or CO2 emissions. A 1.5-litre TDCi diesel, meanwhile, returns up to 120PS, with Auto Start-Stop technology improving performance further.

Power & Efficiency Driver assistance technology is a must-have in any modern vehicle, and the Ford Fiesta Active doesn’t let you down. From Active Park Assist to Adaptive Cruise Control, Traffic Sign Recognition to Lane Keeping Aid, staying safe and in control when out on the road has never been easier.
Technology with Purpose The Fiesta Active is packed with clever technology that allows you to go where no Fiesta could go before. With Selectable Drive Modes and Rough Road Suspension, the world is your oyster
    Adaptive Cruise Control Choose your speed and let the Adaptive Cruise Control do the rest. With RADAR sensors detecting vehicles ahead and adjusting your speed accordingly, you can maintain your distance from others effortlessly.
    Active Park Assist Slip into the tightest of spaces with ease. Using different technologies to first identify suitable parking spots, and then steer you both in and out with the minimum of fuss, you’ll wonder how you ever went without.
    Blind Spot Information System It’s not easy to have every angle covered, so let the Fiesta Active’s Blind Spot Information System do the work for you. This system uses RADAR sensors to detect vehicles you may otherwise fail to spot.
    Lane Keeping System Utilising a forward-looking camera, the Fiesta Active’s Lane Keeping System will detect if you’re drifting out of your lane, vibrating the steering wheel and displaying a warning to help keep you on track.
    Traffic Sign Recognition This innovative system catches those road signs you miss, presenting you with an on-screen icon that details the speed you should be travelling at and whether you are in a no overtaking zone.
    Fiesta Technology

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    the FIESTA ACTIVE Built to serve your active lifestyle in style
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