Motability Benefits

Understand what Motability Offers You

If you are eligible for the scheme, Motability represents one of the best ways to enhance your personal autonomy, with superb value for money and specialist support for customers. No matter what your requirements may be, the experts at selected Motability dealerships will be able to unite you with the ideal vehicle to suit your needs.

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The benefits of the scheme extend beyond just significant savings, however. The mileage allowance, for example, is extremely generous, with up to 60,000 miles over the three-year lease period. In addition, when you first sign up to the programme your road tax will be organised for you by a Motability specialist

Those concerned about the cost and stress of vehicle maintenance need not worry, either. The comprehensive insurance package offered by the scheme allows for up to two nominated drivers, meaning that adequate cover is provided even if you do not intend to drive yourself. What's more, full breakdown assistance and a Motability Assist helpline are provided by the RAC, ensuring that roadside recovery is never an issue.

Routine maintenance is also included, and will be organised by your dealership. This ensures that the overall running costs of a Motability vehicle remain as low as possible – nobody wants to be stuck with a big repair bill, after all. Windows, windscreens and tyres will all be replaced at no extra charge, too, should they become damaged.

Finally, at the end of the three-year lease period, you will automatically qualify to receive a brand-new vehicle should you choose to carry on with your contract. You will be contacted by a Motability adviser shortly before the lease runs out, detailing your options, at which point you will be able to make an informed decision whether to renew your contract.

At Peoples, we aim to provide our customers with a wide range of superb value Motability offers across Scotland and Liverpool. To find out more about the numerous benefits of the scheme, feel free to get in touch with one of our specialist team members. You can do this by enquiring online, giving us a call or by visiting us in person at your nearest Peoples dealership – somebody will be on hand to discuss your requirement.