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Ford Advantage Programme

What is the Ford Advantage Programme?

The Ford Advantage programme offers employees of all Ford partner companies a free servicing promotion when they purchase a new Ford.

What the Ford Advantage Programme offers

  • 2 Years Free Servicing including Extended Period Maintenance (EPM)

- EPM includes Brake Fluid Change at 2 years and Bodywork and Paintwork inspection

  • 3 Years UK and European Roadside Assistance

- This product provides 2 years UK and European Ford Roadside Assistance on top of the standard 1st year provided with a new Ford car purchase.

  • Advantage continues to be in addition to all Retail Marketing support available on any current marketing programme.

- For instance Advantage is addition to Customer Savings, Free Equipment, Low Rate Finance and Finance Deposit Allowances where available.

  • The Advantage Programme continues to only be open to employees of eligible companies.

Retail only. Finance subject to status. Guarantees may be required.

How to apply

To make a purchase under the Ford Advantage Programme, you need to check that your company is on the list of supporting Advantage businesses.

Simply tell the dealer that you wish to buy your vehicle under the programme and present proof of ID that confirms you are eligible for the programme and our helpful staff will be happy to guide you through the process. Valid ID includes:

• ID card / wage slip (dated within last three months)

• Headed letter from employer confirming that they are part of the Ford Advantage Programme (dated within last three months)

You will receive confirmation of your service pack within six weeks of your purchase of a new Ford Vehicle.

Terms & conditions

Ford Advantage terms and conditions

  1. The Ford Advantage Programme includes a free 2-year Service Plan plus an additional 2 years' Ford Roadside Assistance on top of the first year free Ford Roadside Assistance provided with every new Ford car. The 2-year Service Plan is a scheduled interim service at 12,500 miles and a scheduled major service at 25,000 miles including Extended Period Maintenance (Extended Period Maintenance includes a brake fluid change and Bodywork and Paintwork inspection at two years) but excluding convenience check items. Information on Ford Roadside Assistance and details of items covered in each service can be obtained from all Authorised Ford Dealers. All services must be completed within 1,000 miles of the mileages shown or within one month of the service due date and by an Authorised Ford Dealer.
  2. The Ford Advantage Programme is available for new Ford cars (excluding KA Studio, KA Studio Connect and Commercial Vehicles). The Ford Protect Servicing and Ford Roadside Assistance plan will be linked to the vehicle purchased and cannot be transferred to an alternative vehicle.
  3. The Ford Advantage Programme is exclusive to employees or members of an authorised company/organisation as shown on the Advantage authorised company list which will be held at participating Ford Authorised Dealers.
  4. Selling or transferring entitlements to anyone who is not an employee/ member of an authorised company/organisation is a violation of the conditions and is strictly prohibited.
  5. The Ford Authorised Dealer is able to process an order in the customer's name only.
  6. The customer must pay for the vehicle personally and any credit purchased must also be in that name. The vehicle must be registered at the address of the customer only. The Ford Advantage Programme may not be used to register vehicles for business purposes.
  7. The vehicle must be for the primary use of the customer and all insurance documents must be in the customer's name. It must be retained by the customer for a minimum period of six months from the date of first registration.
  8. When the customer visits the Authorised Ford Dealer they need to identify themselves with either a company/organisation ID card, a wage slip (dated within the last three months) or a headed letter from the company/organisation confirming that the individual is an employee/member (dated within the last three months). The Authorised Ford Dealer is required to obtain a photocopy of the form of identification for audit requirements. This will be held a maximum of two years and will not be used for any other purpose. Please note that the Authorised Ford Dealer will refuse to process an order without satisfactory identification.
  9. A new vehicle purchased on the Ford Advantage Programme cannot also benefit from the Ford Privilege, Ambassador or D-Plan Programmes.
  10. This programme has been verified by the Inland Revenue and it has been agreed that it does not attract Benefit in Kind taxation. However, as tax laws and Inland Revenue policies are subject to change over time, Ford cannot guarantee that the Ford Advantage Programme will always be delivered without tax issues arising. Any income tax or National Insurance liabilities arising as a result of participation in the Ford Advantage Programme, especially (but not limited to) circumstances where the terms and conditions have not been adhered to, are your responsibility.
  11. The Ford Advantage Programme is a marketing programme and may be changed or withdrawn at any time. Subject to availability at participating Authorised Ford Dealers for new vehicles. Details correct at time of going to print. The Ford Advantage Programme 2-year Service Plan and additional 2 years' Ford Roadside Assistance is available in addition to other retail customer promotions made available by Ford Motor Company Limited from time to time including (but not limited to) customer savings, free equipment and/or low rate finance as applicable*. Please ask your Authorised Ford Dealer or visit for details of current retail customer promotions. Any breach of these conditions may result in withdrawal of the company or organisation of which you are an employee or member from the Ford Advantage Programme. Ford Advantage Programme terms and conditions

*Retail only. Finance subject to status. Guarantees may be required.