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Peoples' professional service centres deliver Ford MOTs in Liverpool, Edinburgh, Falkirk & Livingston. If you have a vehicle that is more than three years old, it is required by law to be MOT tested once a year to ensure it meets the road safety and environmental standards set by the government.

We recommend that you bring your car in 3 – 4 weeks prior to the MOT expiry date so that if it fails, you can continue to drive it while awaiting parts. If it passes we can issue a new certificate based on the existing expiry date, giving you up to 13 months until your next test!

If you require an MOT in Bootle, Speke, Prescot, Livingston, Falkirk, Edinburgh search for your local Peoples service centre.

Vehicle Structure

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What the MOT Test Checks

The MOT test checks all of the following components in order to confirm whether the vehicle is road legal and that it meets the minimum requirements. The following bullet points simply identify which areas of your vehicle are going to be checked.

• Vehicle Structure - Checks to ensure no major corrosion is apparent
• Exhaust Emissions and Exhaust System
• Fuel System - Checks to ensure it will operate securely
• Seats and Seat Belts - Checks to ensure driver's seat is adjustable and seat belts meet safety requirements
• Doors and Mirrors - Checks to sure they are in suitable working order and are in required condition
• Steering and Suspension - Checks to ensure suitable condition of steering mechanisms
• Brakes, Tyres and Wheels - Ensures brakes and tyres meet minimum safety and legal requirements
• Lights, Bonnet and Horn - Checks the condition and operation of lights, bonnet, hatch and horn
• Windscreen, Wipers and Washers - Checks that they all give a satisfactory view of the road
• Registration Plates and VIN (vehicle identification number) - Ensuring plates are legal

All our Ford garages employ fully qualified technicians and will only use the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure that your vehicle has reached the minimum requirement for safety and is roadworthy on the date the certificate is issued. If there are any issues you need to be aware of for future attention, we will inform you of this.

MOT Booking

We would recommend that you book your car in for an MOT 3 - 4 weeks prior to when it is due to expire so that, if it should fail for any reason, you are able to continue driving while you await for any parts required. If your MOT is expiring in the next month or two, book an MOT with us today. It's important to remember that if you are driving with an expired MOT, you could be fined up to £1,000. Book your MOT online today and stay safe on the road.

At Peoples Ford, we pride ourselves on delivering value and quality. If you are looking for an MOT, visit any of our dealerships today.