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The best way to keep your Ford car running at its safe, smooth and efficient best is to have it regularly serviced and maintained. Part of good car maintenance is replacing parts and components when they are no longer working properly.

Why does my car need replacement parts?

From time to time throughout the life of your car it will need replacement parts. Often this is due to everyday wear and tear as components reach the end of their lifespan, but sometimes a fault or accident may mean you need a new part earlier than expected.

Whatever the reason is for the part no longer being fit for use, replacing it with a high-quality alternative is very important. At Peoples Ford workshops we always fit genuine Ford parts to ensure the highest standard of work. This means that the replacement part is guaranteed to be safe, reliable and specifically designed for your car.

Genuine parts explained

Genuine Ford parts have been manufactured by Ford and adhere to its stringent quality and safety guidelines. All genuine parts are also thoroughly tested to ensure their suitability for use. They are durable and have a longer lifespan than generic, unapproved parts as they are designed to work properly with the other components of your vehicle, leading to slower wear.

That means that having your car serviced at one of our workshops is cost-effective, as you will enjoy many more miles of motoring with no faults or breakdowns. Your car is also much more likely to pass subsequent MOT tests if it has been repaired with genuine Ford parts.

Servicing and repairs at Peoples Ford

When you bring your car to Peoples Ford for servicing you can be confident that our technicians will always use genuine Ford parts. They will also always confirm all work with you beforehand to get your approval before carrying it out.

This is just one of the many benefits of having your car serviced at one of our workshops. We also guarantee that your car will be worked on by Ford-trained technicians and that all of the diagnostic technologies and repair equipment we use is approved by Ford. These are features of a great value service which keeps your car in showroom condition for longer.

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Ford-Trained Technician Checking Engine

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There are Peoples Ford workshops at various locations around the Liverpool area and throughout Scotland. Each workshop is accredited by Ford to offer aftersales servicing and repairs to all Ford models new and old.

You can book a service at your nearest Peoples Ford workshop by clicking the Chat Now button or completing the online form and a member of the team will get in touch to confirm your appointment. Alternatively, please phone the team at your local dealership to speak to someone directly.


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