Air Conditioning Repairs

At Peoples Ford workshops in Liverpool and throughout Scotland we offer two air conditioning service options: a refresh and a service and recharge.

An air conditioning refresh cleanses the whole system and kills bacteria that may have become trapped inside. This ensures you are always breathing clean, fresh air when the air conditioning is turned on. People who suffer with asthma or hay fever will find an air conditioning refresh particularly helpful in reducing their symptoms.

A full air conditioning service and recharge keeps the system functioning at its best. It replaces the refrigerant gas which gradually seeps away over time and removes all moisture and debris which may have built up in the system. This also prevents internal damage to your car caused by low refrigerant gas levels.

There are clear signs that tell you your air conditioning system is less effective than usual, for example misted up windows in winter or a hot car in summer. If you think your Ford model may need an air conditioning refresh or service and recharge please get in touch with your nearest Peoples Ford dealership. Our technicians are Ford-trained and we carry out a high standard of work at competitive prices.

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