Ford Motorcraft alternator replacements

The alternator keeps the battery in your Ford car charged at all times. This means the alternator is essential to run all the electrical systems in your car and is also vital for your car to start. If the alternator is not working properly then your car will only run until the battery runs out of power.

If your alternator is damaged you may notice a battery warning light on the dashboard or a low volt gauge reading. If the battery fails to hold a charge this may manifest in electrical issues such as dim lights, and if the battery dies completely then a broken alternator is one possibility. You should also be vigilant for unusual noises coming from under the bonnet.

The Ford-trained technicians at Peoples Ford can replace your alternator using techniques and equipment approved by the manufacturer. We supply alternator components which are specifically designed for Ford models and our prices are very competitive.

To make an appointment for an alternator replacement at your closest Peoples Ford dealership you can either enquire online or phone the team directly. We have state-of-the-art workshops in Liverpool and throughout Scotland.


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