Ford Motorcraft antifreeze exchange

During the cold winter months your Ford car is more susceptible to damage and corrosion. Motorcraft Superplus Anti-freeze is specifically designed for Ford engines and provides the best possible protection for your car. It has been proven to guard engine seals and inhibit corrosion to minimise the effects of the cold weather.

Motorcraft Superplus Anti-freeze also enhances your engine’s performance and reduces severe damage to the water pump by up to 50 percent. These benefits have been proven in a laboratory setting and on the roads of the UK over a period of three years. This means you can have peace of mind that your engine is as well-protected as possible from the effects of the winter.

At Peoples Ford dealerships we can provide Motorcraft Superplus Anti-freeze coolant exchange at competitive prices. Our Ford-trained team of highly skilled technicians will take good care of your car and carry out the exchange using methods approved by Ford.

You can contact your nearest Peoples Ford dealership in Scotland or Liverpool by completing the online enquiry form or phoning us to speak to a member of the team directly.


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