Ford Motorcraft brake fluid

To keep your braking system working properly and protect it from the wear and tear of the braking process, your Ford car needs high-quality brake fluid. It performs many functions in the braking system, including:

• Increasing the boiling point in order to prevent overheating and damage to the braking system
• Making the fluid more viscous at low temperatures, which increases response times and helps you stop more quickly
• Preventing corrosion to the braking system by protecting components
• Lubricating the system to prevent abrasion of the brake parts

You should have your brake fluid checked regularly by a trained Ford technician. If the brake fluid in your car needs replacing you can trust the highly skilled team at Peoples Ford to carry the work out to the highest standard using Ford-approved techniques.

You can get in touch with your nearest Peoples Ford dealership online or by phoning us directly. The easiest way to make an appointment to have your brake fluid inspected is by completing the online booking form on our website.


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