Ford Motorcraft starter motor replacement

When you turn the ignition, the starter motor sets the engine in motion. This component is connected to the battery and uses electric power. If your starter motor is damaged or faulty then you will experience problems with getting your car to start.

If you hear a loud click when you turn the ignition but the engine does not start, or if the ignition is far noisier than usual, the issue is likely to be with the starter motor. If your car does not start you should test the electrical systems, such as the lights and radio. If they are working, this is a strong indication of a starter motor issue, and if not you are more likely to be experiencing a battery problem.

The experienced team at Peoples Ford can supply and fit the correct starter motor for your model, designed and tested to meet Ford’s high standards of quality and durability. We offer competitive pricing and an efficient service to help you get back on the road quickly. Book an appointment at a Peoples Ford dealership in Liverpool or Scotland by completing our online enquiry form or phoning the team directly.


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