Ford Motorcraft shock absorber replacement

The shock absorbers perform two roles in your Ford car. They ensure you enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride and are also important safety components, as they are connected to the braking system. Shock absorbers need to be inspected regularly and kept in peak condition by trained technicians, such as the team at Peoples Ford.

Your shock absorbers may need attention if you notice any issues with braking, such as longer stopping distances, reduced braking power or unusual oscillations. Reduced grip can also be a sign of issues with shock absorbers and this is particularly noticeable on bends, in side winds and in wet conditions. Excessive play in the steering and unusual noises from the suspension can also indicate that your shock absorbers may need replacing.

The Ford-trained technicians at Peoples Ford can inspect your shock absorbers carefully for signs of damage or wear. If they need to be replaced, we can supply parts which are specially designed for your Ford model and fit them for you. Our prices are competitive and the high standard of the repair means you can rely on its longevity.

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