Ford Motorcraft timing belt replacements

The timing belt and water pump are integral parts of your Ford’s engine system and they are complex components with precision parts which interlink to work together. This means that if one part of the system fails it has a big impact on your car. The water pump and timing belt keep coolant flowing from the radiator, into the engine and back round again.

If this system stops working properly it can cause your car to overheat and potentially break down. Our specialist Ford technicians can check each part carefully for signs of wear and repair any issues we find. If your car needs any replacement parts we will supply and fit genuine Ford parts at very competitive prices. These high-quality components are specifically designed for your car so they are hardwearing and perform reliably throughout their life.

If you would like to book your Ford car in for a timing belt and water pump inspection, please get in touch with your nearest Peoples Ford dealership. You can enquire online or phone the team to speak to someone directly.


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