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All-New Ford Focus The All-New Focus is built to improve your driving experience in every way. Clean lines, a sleek layout and sophisticated look.
Comfortable Introducing a new human-centric design philosophy that fuses exterior styling and class-leading aerodynamics - delivering an interior with more space, higher quality materials and delicate craftsmanship.
BETTER CONNECTED Introducing FordPass connect on-board modem turns this vehicle into a mobile WiFi hot spot for up to 10 devices. Stay up-to-date with live traffic information, check fuel levels or remotely turn on your engine with FordPass.
Powerful Choose from a six-speed manual transmission or a new eight-speed automatic gearbox that adapts to your driving style to give you smoother gear changes when you need them most.
Power & Efficiency Fuel efficiency and responsive performance are no longer mutually exclusive attributes of modern engines. In the All-New Ford Focus, a selection of fuel efficient engines - including the three-cylinder EcoBoost petrol and EcoBlue diesel options - work with the streamlined design and smooth 8-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmissions for optimum performance.
Technology with Purpose All modern motorists demand the best when it comes to in-car technology. With the All-New Ford Focus, the level of driver assistance and purpose-driven features is exceptional. Ford Co-Pilot360 represents a suite of driver assistance measures that support and enhance your drive, with Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go, Lane Centring, and Active Park Assist 2 all included.
    adaptive cruise control Choose the speed you wish to travel, and the All-New Ford Focus will maintain it. More than that, stop-and-go technology uses RADAR sensors to detect vehicles in front, slowing you down automatically to maintain a pre-set distance, only then accelerating once the road is clear and bringing the car to a full stop when traffic halts.
    ADAPTIVE FRONT LIGHTING Supporting you at night and when visibility is poor, Auto High Beam will temporarily dip your headlights when oncoming traffic is detected, reducing dazzle for other motorists. Once the road is clear, the high beam will return automatically.
    HEAD UP DISPLAY Maintaining visibility of the road ahead is essential for the safety of you, your passengers, and other road users, so Ford’s new Head-Up Display works to deliver you the information you need without having to take your eyes off the road.
    ACTIVE PARK ASSIST 2 Squeezing into tighter parking spaces is easier than ever with Active Park Assist 2. Simply push a button and the vehicle will first detect a suitable space (some as little as 20% longer than your vehicle), then automatically steer you into place.
    Evasive Steering Assist The truly innovative Evasive Steering Assist provides instantaneous reactions when yours may be delayed. The system reacts to an evasive swerve, steering the vehicle to avoid a collision by just the right amount, preventing any on-road incidents.
    Continuously Controlled Damping This computer-controlled shock absorber works to intelligently reduce the jarring feeling so often experienced when driving. Whether it’s potholes or small objects in the road, Continuously Controlled Damping will minimise the damage to you and your vehicle.
    the ALL-NEW FORD FOCUS The All-New Focus has arrived to enhance your driving experience.
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