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There are many advantages of test driving a vehicle before you buy it and here at Peoples Ford we would absolutely recommend that you test drive before you buy. Whether you’re looking a buying a brand new car or a second hand used car, booking a test drive provides a variety of helpful benefits.

Given that buying a car is arguably the second largest financial commitment a person will make, it stands to reason that you’d want to know as much as possible before you buy to make sure you’re confident it’s the right choice for you. When you take a car for a test drive, it gives you the opportunity to understand what that vehicle is like to drive. As a car’s primary job is to be driven, it makes sense to know if you actually like the way the car drives. Different types of car will all drive in different ways and no doubt the particular vehicle you’re interested in will mirror the driving style you’re expecting, but by taking a test drive you’ll get plenty of time to get a real feel for the car.

For example, if you’re the sort of person that’s likely to be doing a lot of driving each year, then things like a comfortable driving position may be important to you. If you book a test drive, you can not only see what driving position adjustment features are available but also get to grips with the comfort and support of the car whilst actually driving it. Spending a couple of minutes in a car on a forecourt is one thing, but actually getting to spend a reasonable amount of time actually driving it is quite another – and far more informative! Taking a test drive also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the features of the vehicle. If we continue the same example as before, if you’re driving a lot of miles each year then in car technology such as being able to connect your smart phone to the car in order to take hands free phone calls might be important to you. The member of staff from Peoples Ford who accompanies you on the test drive will be able to explain all of the features of the vehicle and even show you how they work so that you can make sure the facilities work as you expect them, giving you even more insight into what it would be like to own the car.

Another benefit of booking a test drive is being able to bring your family along to find out more about accessibility and storage. For example, if you have small children then taking a test drive means you can bring along any child seats or prams to make sure they fit suitably and the member of our team can also walk you through things like ISO fixings to give you peace of mind that your family will be safe. You can even bring the family along for the test drive to see how the car handles and feels with everyone on board and to make sure that your passengers are just as comfortable as you are.

One of the most common reasons for booking a test drive for a used car is to review and check the quality and reliability of the vehicle. Whilst driving the car you can listen for any knocking sounds, make sure all of the electrical systems work, check to ensure heating and air conditioning facilities are suitable and really make yourself sure that the car you’re interested in has been well maintained based on your expectations.

When considering buying a new car, a test drive gives you the usual opportunities but also, if there is a specific upgrade you’re considering adding to your purchase, test driving a model with that feature can help you decide if that particular feature is right for you. Equally, if there’s something you’re on the fence about and you test drive a vehicle without it, you may find it helps you decide that actually you do want that feature.

So for more information or to book a test drive, hit the Chat Now button, give us a call or simply pop into your nearest dealership.