What is the difference between test driving a new car and a used car?

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What’s actually involved when test driving a new or a used car is virtually the same in terms of the process and the experience. As explained in our “what is a test drive” section, you’ll be booked in as usual and a member of our team will accompany you during the test drive itself and you’ll have the same opportunity to learn more about the vehicle. The key difference really, is that when test driving a used car, you’ll be test driving the actual car you’re intending to buy where as if you’re considering a new car, you’ll test drive the same make and model (or at the very least something as close to the model you’re interested in) but your actual car would of course be built in the factory before being delivered to you.

When test driving a used car, because it’s the actual car you’re intending to buy it provides a good opportunity to understand all of the features and facilities of that particular car. Whilst all of our used stock has been inspected by our teams, you will obviously want to check for your own satisfaction that the car is in good condition based on your expectations and that it runs smoothly and correctly with no specific problems. By booking at test drive, not only can you inspect all of the interior and exterior aspects of the vehicle, but you’ll also get to drive it so that for your own peace of mind you can be confident that there are no issues with the running of the car, that it is smooth and as you’re expecting it. A member of our team will be with you throughout the test drive so if you do have any questions or anything concerns you, simply raise it accordingly.

If you’re think of buying a new car, then booking a test drive is a great way to learn more about the various features or technology of that particular model and to ensure it has the right equipment for you. New cars often come in different “trims” which for Ford is things like Zetec or Titanium. Each of these trims will come with a different level of specification e.g. some trims will include air conditioning, electric windows, Aux in audio input and so on. By test drive the same trim level you can learn what it will be like to drive your own vehicle, to make sure you find it comfortable and to make sure that the features present are right for you. Similarly if you’re not sure what trim level you want, this is a great way to find out if you can’t live without a particular feature to help you decide whether to upgrade further. A member of our team will be with you so as always, just ask any questions you have and they’ll be happy to help.

In summary, fundamentally there is very little difference between test driving a new or a used car as the process is exactly the same. The key differences though are more in terms of your own intention in deciding what’s right for you as part of your car buying journey.

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