The importance of service history when buying a used car

Is service history important for used cars

How to check the service history of a used car for sale

Used cars offer great value and choice, and suit a wide range of buyers. Unlike new models, which pass from the production line to the dealership, every used car has a unique story of owners, mileage and repairs. If you are looking to buy a used car, this is a past you need to know intimately – or it might surface in unpleasant and expensive ways. You can do this by examining its service history, a document you need to see whenever you buy used.

What does a service history tell you?

A car’s service history, detailed in a booklet that comes with the vehicle, records when and where – and indeed if – the car received its routine service. Each entry is accompanied by a stamp provided by the garage, confirming that a professional mechanic has completed the service. If any repair work has been done, this should be listed, as well as the car’s mileage.

Some used vehicles come with what is known as an FSH – a full service history – that provides a meticulous and comprehensive account of the above information. If the seller is able to provide an FSH, it is a big plus point.

Why is it so important?

There are three key reasons why service history is so important when buying a used car. Firstly, it shows that the car has been well cared for – regular servicing is essential to the health of a vehicle, and helps to stop problems before they happen. Buying a car with underlying problems can be extremely costly if you have no idea they exist.

Secondly, it points towards a reputable seller, who recognises the importance of keeping strict records of their vehicle. They want the buyer to be confident in their purchase, and it shows that they have nothing to hide, from previous repair work to the car’s mileage.

Thirdly, service history, particularly a FSH, increases the value of the car by up to 100 percent – which will benefit you should you decide to sell it on.

When you decide to buy

At Peoples Ford, we know how imperative it is that cars come with a comprehensive service history. All of our used cars pass through stringent checks before they arrive on the forecourt and we perform specialist Ford servicing ourselves. Pop into one of our seven dealerships across the UK, or contact us online.