How to Book a Test Drive for a Used Car

What Happens on a Used Car Test Drive

Things to Remember when Taking a Test Drive

One of the best ways of finding out if a car is what you’re looking for is by taking it out on a test drive. It will give you an idea of the handling, interior, and features of the car, making your decision that bit easier. This is especially true of used cars – you need want to know everything is up-to-scratch before you buy. Read this article to find out how to organise a test drive and other important aspects to consider.

What do I need to do?

To book a test drive for a used car with a dealership, first find out whether it is a service they offer – although most do, it’s best to check. Give the dealership a call to find out if the car you are interested in is available, and what their policy is. Some will accept walk-ins, whilst others require an appointment. Be wary of those that demand you book an appointment more than a day or so in advance as it could mean they need to do some work before it is ready.

If the car belongs to a private seller, chat to them about the possibility of a test drive. When you call, ask about ‘the car’, rather than detailing the specific make and model. If they are selling lots of cars, they could be a trader to be suspicious of. It is normal for private sellers to accompany you on the test drive. If you are buying from an individual rather than a business, you might have to travel to their home address. Remember, safety first - never go to a test drive with a private seller on your own.

What about insurance?

If you are test-driving the car at a main dealership they will have a specific policy in place. Their insurance will cover you should anything happen to the car or another car on the road during the test drive. But don’t forget to bring your driving licence as you will need this in order to be allowed to take the car for a drive.

Private sellers are highly unlikely to provide you with cover on a test drive. You may, however, already be insured by your current policy if it includes Driving Other Cars cover. This policy allows you to drive another car with the owner’s permission. You can find out if you are covered by checking the documents, and if you are at all unsure, call your insurance provider. If you are not covered by your current policy, you can take out short-term insurance cover. It is essential that you are covered for the day of your test drive, so plan ahead and arrange the insurance before that date.  

Give us a call

Here at Peoples Ford, we have huge range of used cars available to test drive today at our seven dealerships across the north of the UK. You’ll be covered by our insurance, so you can focus on finding the right car for you. Call us to book a time or pop in to view the collection.