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This is one of the most popular finance packages available from Ford and is designed to allow you to renew your car more often making it easier to stay in a newer vehicle. Essentially, Ford Options gives you the flexibility to manage the equity in the vehicle and leverage this each time you change your car, potentially increasing the scope of deposit and monthly payment amounts based on the value you have built up. Once you have chosen the Ford car you want to buy and confirmed your anticipated annual mileage, we will be able to calculate the deposit and monthly payment amounts which can be tailored to suit your needs. You can also choose the repayment period, which can be 24, 30 or 60 months. You will be given an instant quotation covering all of your payments which will be based on the amount finance. This is calculated from the price of the car with the deposit amount and guaranteed minimum future value (GMFV) of the car subtracted. The optional final payment, interest and Finance Facility Fee will also be incorporated into your payment amounts. Once agreed the car will be yours to drive away.
People’s Ford - Ford Options Finance

At the end of the agreement you will have 3 options:

- Renew and choose another car. Either as a part exchange or through a private sale, any value in your car above the GMFV after all finance has been settled, can be used as the deposit on your next Ford car.

- Return and hand the car back. Provided the car is in good condition and you haven't exceeded your agreed mileage amount, you can simply hand the car back with nothing else to pay.

- Retain and keep the car. At the end of the agreement, you can pay the GMFV along with a purchase fee and the car is yours to keep, assuming all payments have been made.

Ford Options At A Glance

- Opportunity to drive a new Ford more often

- Fixed monthly payments to suit your personal needs

- Fixed interest rate for the duration of the agreement

- Guaranteed Minimum Future Value ensures you know what your car will be at least worth by the end of the agreement, protecting you from any unexpected fall in used car prices

- Reduced exposure to major service and repair bills

- Flexibility at the end of the agreement in case your circumstances may have changed

- Option to own the car at the end

Ford Options Cash Plan

Alternatively, Ford Options Cash Plan is available which is ideal for motorists who want to put down a large cash deposit removing the need for monthly payments. You will have the same 3 options at the end of the agreement so you still have the same flexibility in case your circumstances change.

In addition to the above benefits, all new Ford vehicles purchased from Peoples Ford include:

- UK and European breakdown cover for 1 year

- Optional maintenance packages (at additional cost) which Peoples Ford can provide more details on

Terms and conditions apply. To find out more contact Peoples Ford today.

People’s Ford - Ford Options Cash Plan