Diesel fuel filter blocking

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Diesel fuel filter blocking is an issue that has affected 0.04 percent of vehicles on the road in winter over the last two years. This is a problem which has been experienced by cars and vans of all makes and models and there is not a clear root cause.

It occurs during cold temperatures when the fuel becomes too thick to pass through the filter, starving the engine of fuel and causing a loss of power. This has caused some motorists to break down and meant that some people are unable to start their cars at all.

The government is collaborating with fuel industry experts to establish the cause of the issue in order to find a solution. They are using statistical analysis and testing the fuel and filters of affected vehicles in order to put measures in place to prevent diesel fuel filter blocking.

The chances of being affected by this problem are extremely low and you are actually 85 times more likely to need breakdown assistance for a tyre puncture than for a blocked filter. The risk is particularly low in summer when the temperature hardly ever falls below zero degrees Celsius.