What is Euro 6?

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Since 1992 the European Union has set the limit on the emissions from all cars and vehicles. Euro 6 is the latest version and it’s the strictest set of regulations so far, meaning Euro 6 cars are cleaner than ever before. All new cars built since September 2015 comply with Euro 6 emissions standards – it is a legal requirement.

The emissions standards will be updated again within a few years and cars will be tested in various conditions on different roads to make sure they can meet the new limits. You can find out whether your car meets Euro 6 emissions standards on the Vehicle Certification Agency website. You can enter the make and model of your car and its registration date to look up which emissions standard it complies with.

If you have further questions about what the Euro 6 emissions standard is and why it exists, please explore the information on the other pages of our website. You can browse the latest range of Euro 6 Ford models at your closest Peoples dealership and speak to a member of our team about the benefits of driving a fuel-efficient model.