Ford Active City Stop

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What is Active City Stop?

Ford Active City Stop continually scans the road ahead of you whilst driving to monitor physical entities for sudden changes. Should a collision be considered likely, Active City Stop will apply the brakes in order to prevent such an impact from occurring. This particular technology is aimed primarily for drivers in built up areas like cities and towns where collisions up to 30 mph often take place, so the Active City Stop Technology is designed to reduce these types of accidents making it ideal for anyone who commutes through city centres.

How does Active City Stop work?

Ford Active City stop uses a special sensor array known as LIDAR (light detection and ranging) which is mounted at the top of the windscreen for optimum view of the road ahead. This array of sensors is always scanning ahead, so should a vehicle suddenly stop or if the relative speed of the car you are following should drop, then the technology will operate when it detects a collision as likely. To find out more about Ford Active City Stop or any of the Ford technology, contact Peoples Ford today.