Ford Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System

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What is Ford Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System?

Visit Peoples Ford today to learn more about the new Ford Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System. This new technology will be available on numerous vehicles within the Ford range, the first being the new Ford Galaxy. Other models include the new Ford S-MAX, the new Ford Mondeo and the all new Ford Edge SUV. With the Ford Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system you'll have an enhanced driving experience as each wheel is measured and controlled independently for optimum performance. Torque from the engine is delivered to each wheel based on the amount of grip in the current situation. Huge numbers of calculations are completed every second with torque delivery constantly being adjusted to provide maximum grip and handling, particularly when road surface conditions are not ideal. With this performance upgrade, your vehicle will handle more effectively and provide additional safety.

How does Ford Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System work?

The Ford Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system is able to calculate the amount of grip being achieved by each wheel independently in real time, allowing power from the engine to be delivered to each wheel based on the current conditions for optimum performance. The system also does not have much of an impact on the emissions and fuel economy of your vehicle which is typically associated with four wheel drive cars. The Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system is able to switch power delivery from front wheel drive to rear wheel drive in just 100 milliseconds, demonstrating just how quickly your vehicle can adjust to changing road conditions.

What Vehicles are Available with All-Wheel Drive?

The Ford range is extensive so a large number of our new vehicles will be available with the new all wheel drive system.  Below is a list of the vehicles which will be available with AWD:

- Ford Focus RS

- Ford Kuga

- Ford C-MAX

- Ford Transit

- Ford Mondeo

- Ford Edge

- Ford Galaxy

- Ford S-MAX

- Ford Grand C-MAX

- Ford Ranger

- Ford Mondeo Vignale