Ford Easy Access Door System

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What is Ford Easy Access Door System?

Ford Easy Access Door System uses a unique, pillarless design which results in a 1.5m opening giving you incredible access to the rear cabin of your car. Inside, thanks to the lack of traditional pillars, the environment feels even more spacious giving passengers a better view from theiir seats as well as making it easier for them to get in and out of the car. Moving around inside the car is also easier without the pillars. The Ford B-Max showcases this technology, with a sliding side door which opens to reveal the inside of the car and provides simple access.

How does Easy Access Door System work?

The Ford designers have been able to maintain the same level of strength and safety in models like the Ford B-Max whilst still removing the traditional pillars which are presnet in the majority of vehicles. These pillars often obscure visibility and can limit access and space within a vehicle. By removing these pillars, great access is provided both in terms of width and height as well as overall capacity. To find out more about Ford Easy Access Door System technology, contact Peoples Ford today.