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What is Ford Driver Alert?

A very large portion of road traffic accidents are caused by drivers not paying attention to what’s happening ahead of them. This may be due to fatigue or distraction but with the Ford Driver Alert system, the on-board computer systems are able to monitor driving behaviour and identify when a driver may not be fully alert. If the system detects that the driver is not alert, for instance if the car starts to no longer maintain lane discipline, a warning is displayed to alert the driver and bring to their attention that they have been driving uncharacteristically. Depending on the extent of the issues identified by the system, different level of alerts and responses are produced to minimise the potential for any loss of attention and alertness with the aim to reduce accidents.

How Does Ford Driver Alert Work?

A small camera is mounted to the front of the vehicle which monitors lane markings on both sides of the vehicle. If the vehicle ends up not positioned where the computer things it should be based on speed and direction a warning is issued. Initially a soft warning is displayed on the instrument panel along with a chime sound for ten seconds. If the driving behaviour does not change then a hard warning occurs in which the driver must confirm acknowledgement by pressing ok. If this does not occur, then the only way to reset the system is to stop the vehicle and open the driver’s door. The thought process being that if this should occur it would indicate that a change of driver has taken place or a short rest break has taken place.

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