Ford Electronic Stability Programme

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What is Ford Electronic Stability Programme?

The Ford Electronic Stability Programme, known as ESP, has been designed to ensure your driving experience is as comfortable as possible as well as safe. Should road conditions be adversely affected by weather or poor road surface quality, the Electronic Stability Programme works in conjunction with other safety technology to ensure your vehicle stays on the road and you continue to enjoy a smooth and comfortable drive. Stability is the key focus of ESP, working with your ABS and adjusting your suspension based on how you are driving and the conditions you are driving in to provide a comfortable journey.

How does the Electronic Stability Programme work?

If the weather conditions are less than ideal, such as heavy rain, ice or snow, the Electronic Stability Programme operates to maximise traction to provide stability and safety. Other factors such as driving through tight corners or at high speeds will also be considered by ESP to increase stability and safety whilst driving.

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