FordPass 2.0 & FordPass Connect

The updated FordPass app now allows you to become even closer to your vehicle than ever before.

By connecting your vehicle to the app on your smartphone, the new FordPass app features a whole host of new technology which lets you remotely lock and unlock your vehicle, remotely start the engine (auto only), identify your vehicle's location and more...

To connect your vehicle, simply navigate to your vehicle on the FordPass app on your smartphone and click 'Activate Vehicle'

What is FordPass?

FordPass is a free mobile app which you can use to access your Ford vehicle information (on SYNC 3 equipped vehicles), plan your journeys, find your nearest fuelk station or car park and more (detailed below).

Key FordPass features:

Vehicle status

The FordPass app is connected to your onboard computer, so you can easily check your fuel level, tyre pressure, oil level and distance to service.

Live traffic

2 year Live Traffic subscription for SYNC 3 & satellite navigation equipped vehicles. Connects via your mobile device.

Online service booking

Use the app to book a service or MOT for your car.

Hourly van hire

Moving house? Or do you simply need more space in your vehicle for a short time? FordPass has teamed up with Hertz 24/7 to offer hourly van hire via the app.

Fuel & parking

Use the app to locate and navigate to your nearest fuel station or car park.

Vehicle health alerts

Receive health alerts straight to your FordPass app.

Alarm push-notifications

FordPass will automatically inform you via push notifications if your vehicle's alarm is activated.

Ford Credit account manager

See your balance, request a settlement figure or make an additional payment to your vehicle finance agreement at the click of a button.

Roadside assistance

If you require roadside assistance, you can contact them swiftly and simply through the app.


See information about your vehicle's warranty coverage.


If you require any extra information or would like to speak to a Ford expert, you can easily access guides, tips and contact numbers on FordPass

Find out more about FordPass here

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What is FordPass Connect?

FordPass Connect is an integrated modem which connects your vehicle to the internet. This means that the the vehicle will always be up-to-date with the latest software via regular updates. This cutting edge feature also allows you to access new features such as Live Traffic and WiFi Hotspot.

FordPass Connect is currently available in the following models: All-New Focus, New Edge & New Transit Connect.

Key FordPass Connect features:

WiFi Hotspot

The vehicle's built-in modem allows up to 10 devices to connect to the 4G network. You'll even be able to access the hotspot 15 metres away from the vehicle...and when it's turned off. So you can keep the family entertained on those long journeys, meaning more games and videos and less 'Are we there yet"? Every customer who buys a vehicle with FordPass Connect modem can enjoy 3GB or 3 months data absolutely free (whichever comes first) then you can top up whenever you please from Vodafone.

Live Traffic

Enjoy real time traffic updates on all roads, letting you know when to divert your journey or re-arrange that important meeting. The best part is, this feature is absolutely free for 2 years.

Map Updates via WiFi

How often has your Sat Nav sent you down the wrong road or led you to a dead end and you're left asking yourself how to update the maps? Even if that hasn't happened to you could... but not with FordPass Connect. Your maps can be updated at home or at work using your WiFi connection on the FordsPass app so that you never take the wrong road again.


Your car puts your safety first. eCall will automatically contact the emergency services in the event of a serious accident and sends your location to them. There's also a manual eCall button available to support the vehicle occupants in the event of an incident.

Remote Features

Use the FordPass app on your smartphone to remotely lock and unlock your vehicle. If you've parked your car in a multi storey car park and can't remember if you locked it, there's no need to panic; just login to the app and lock your vehicle from almost anywhere.

If you have an automatic transmission vehicle, you can also start the engine remotely - whether you want to de-ice the windscreen or cool the vehicle down that's been sitting in the sun all day, your car can be comfortably ready for your arrival. Don't worry, the vehicle cannot be driven unless the key is inside the car - so your car and its contents are perfectly safe.

Vehicle Locator

Car parks can be a nightmare - particularly when you park in a large car park that you aren't familiar with. FordPass Connect takes that worry away. Simply open the FordPass app as it already automatically saved your the location when you parked the car and turned the vehicle off.

Vehicle Health Alerts

There's no longer any need to contact your mechanic friend or call into your dealer to decipher what the warning light on your dashboard means - the FordPass app is here to help. It'll also let you know when it's time for an oil change, when to check your brakes and fluid levels and when it's time to bring it back to Peoples Ford for some TLC.

Vehicle Status

The FordPass app is connected to your onboard computer, so you can easily check your fuel level, tyre pressure, oil level and distance to service.

Find out more about FordPass Connect here

Please note that FordPass Connect is an optional extra in applicable vehicles only. The on-board modem will be connected at the time of vehicle delivery. You may choose to opt in/opt out of certain data sharing.

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If you have any questions about the FordPass app or FordPass Connect, contact us today or hit the Chat Now button. We'd also be delighted to show you a live demonstration in the showroom.