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What is Ford Hill Start Assist?

When driving with a manual gearbox, pulling away from a stationary position can sometimes be a bit tricky, particularly if you're on a hill with a big incline. Known as a hill start, getting the wrong balance of revs and clutch can result in your vehicle rolling backwards or even stalling. Not only can this be embarrassing but it's also potentially dangerous. With the Ford Hill Start Assist technology, the vehicle is held stationary for two seconds using brake pressure, giving you more time to find the right amount of revs and clutch to pull away – and once you apply pressure to the accelerator pedal the brakes will automatically disengage.

How Does Ford Hill Start Assist Work?

Built in sensors work in conjunction with the on-board computer systems to detect when your vehicle has stopped on an incline. The Hill Start Assist technology will automatically apply the brakes to prevent you from rolling back and will also hold the car in place when in reverse, so no matter what situation you find yourself in, the system will be able to assist you with your hill start. As your foot is removed from the brakes the system will hold the vehicle in place for approximately two seconds, allowing you more time to drive away safely.

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