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What is Ford Lane Keeping Alert?

When driving on the motorway, it can often be very easy to get distracted by things inside the vehicle and outside. As a result, you may not always maintain lane discipline and end up crossing lanes without meaning too, which can lead to serious problems. With Ford Lane Keeping Alert technology, on-board sensors monitor the road ahead to ensure the vehicle is where the built in computer thinks it should be. If you have started to wander into another lane, the vehicle will alert you so that you can adjust your heading accordingly.

How Does Ford Lane Keeping Alert Work?

Using a camera that is mounted to the top of the windscreen, the images it records are monitored to detect lane markings. If your vehicle starts to cross these lane markings an alert is generated which takes the form of strong vibrations through the steering wheel to try and alert the driver to correct their direction. If the indicators have been activated the system will not generate an alert. If the vehicle is travelling below a certain speed the system will also not generate an alert. The functionality itself can be turned off but it will not be active again until manually switched on.

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