Ford MyKey

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What is Ford MyKey?

Ford MyKey technology has been designed specifically with parents in mind, to allow them to apply certain settings to their car to help keep younger drivers safe when on the road. The purpose is to prevent less experienced drivers from being distracted, allowing parents to set maximum levels or prevent certain features from being disabled. For example, the maximum speed the car can reach can be pre-defined ensuring the driver does not exceed any safe speed levels. Another popular feature is the ability to prevent the audio levels within the car to exceed a set value, ensuring in-experienced drivers are not unnecessarily distracted by loud music.

How does Ford MyKey work?

All of these settings are set in individual keys meaning different drivers can be setup with different settings for maximum versatility. There are lots of different aspects which can be set but there is also the option to prevent certain features from being disabled, such as restricting the ability to turn of audible safety warnings like no seatbelt being engaged.

You can also set the low fuel warning prompt to display earlier to reduce the risk of running out of fuel. To learn more about Ford MyKey technology or any of the technologies from Ford, contact Peoples Ford today.