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What Is Reverse Gear Activated Rear View Camera?

Reversing your vehicle can sometimes be particularly challenging if your view is obstructed or if your field of view is very narrow. Equally drivers that sit lower down, or those driving larger vehicles like vans, can find it harder to see what is behind when reversing. With the Ford reverse gear activated rear view camera, once the vehicle has been put into reverse, a camera which is mounted within the rear bumper is activated and displayed on a screen which is integrated into your rear view mirror. Whatever is behind you will be visible as the camera has a wide viewing lens giving you significantly increased visibility to avoid reversing into low walls, high kerbs, bins and bollards, making it particularly useful for those driving in city environments.

How Does Reverse Gear Activated Rear View Camera Work?

The camera is turned on when the vehicle is put into reverse gear. The camera, which is mounted in the rear bumper, transmits the video footage it captures to a specially designed, built in screen which is mounted conveniently within the rear view mirror. Not only does the technology show you what's behind you but it also helps you park. Virtual likes are displayed on screen to help guide you into the parking space at an optimum angle. Once you have finished manoeuvring or parking and take the vehicle our of reverse gear, the camera is deactivated and the integrated screen turns off to avoid un-necessary distraction.

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