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What is Ford Intelligent Speed Limiter?

Observing and respecting local speed limits is essential for remaining safe on the roads and reducing the risk of road traffic related incidents. With the new Ford Intelligent Speed Limiter, your vehicle will proactively apply a maximum speed limit to prevent you from exceeding the current speed limit, which in turn could stop you from incurring costly speeding fines and penalty points. Although speed limiter technology has been around for a while in a variety of different vehicles, Ford’s Intelligent Speed Limiter uses a windscreen mounted camera to monitor road signs. If a speed limit sign is detected and the current speed of the vehicle is above that limit, the vehicle will reduce its speed accordingly.

The technology is really helpful as often, drivers won’t realise that they are speeding either because they have been distracted or they are not aware of the current speed limit. With this technology on board, it acts as a helpful second set of eyes to monitor current speed conditions and take appropriate action if necessary.

How Does it Work?

The new Ford S-MAX will be the first vehicle in the Ford range to be available with the technology, which is activated via controls mounted on the steering wheel. Once engaged, the driver is able to accelerate as usual up to the current speed limit at which point the vehicle will be prevented from going any faster to ensure the speed limit is not broken. The technology is an amalgamation of Ford’s adjustable speed limiter and traffic sign recognition technologies, which current models such as the Focus, Mondeo and Kuga have equipped. A variety of on-board systems communicate with each other to detect speed limits and prevent further acceleration. The technology is effective from 20mph up to 120mph so it’s suitable for essentially all roads.

The deceleration process is actioned by restricting the fuel supply to the engine. Rather than applying physical braking, this restriction ensures a smooth deceleration to ensure the occupant’s journey is still comfortable and safe. Other situations are covered too, with an alarm sounding if the vehicle should exceed the speed limit when travelling downhill. Alternatively, should the system need to be dis-engaged, a firm press of the accelerator pedal will disable the system, which can then be re-activated using the steering wheel controls.

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