Ford Trailer Sway Control

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What is Trailer Sway Control?

When towing a trailer, the dynamics and handling of your vehicle can be significantly affected, particularly if the trailer has not been loaded properly. With Ford Trailer Sway Control technology, the built in computer system can detect if the attached trailer is starting to sway. If this occurs an alert will appear on your display cluster identifying that the trailer is starting to sway so that the driver can take appropriate measures to reduce and stop the issue entirely. The system also has the ability to reduce engine power and even apply brakes in order to reduce the swaying effect of the trailer.

How Does Trailer Sway Control Work?

The build in computer system monitors the direction and pull of the attached trailer in relation to the speed and direction your vehicle is travelling. If the trailer is deemed to be swaying the visual alert is displayed on screen to enure the driver is informed. If the swaying effect continues or gets more serious, the technology can apply brakes to specific wheels or all wheels to try and reduce the impact of the swaying. The engine power can also be reduced if the overall speed is deemed to high or if by reducing the speed would help to reduce the swaying effects.

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