Ford Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

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What is Ford Tyre Pressure Monitoring System?

Keeping your tyres at their optimum pressure is very important to ensure your vehicle performs as efficiently and as safely as it can. If any tyre is not inflated correctly it can severely affect your vehicles road handling and stopping performance which could lead to serious injury. With the Ford Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, built in sensors constantly monitor the tyre pressure of each tyre to make sure it sits within an optimum range. If any tyre pressure falls below this range or if pressure drops suddenly, the driver will be alerted by a warning on the dashboard which will indicate which tyre(s) need to be checked.

How Does Ford Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Work?

Inside the valve assembly of each tyre is a small sensor which is used to monitor the respective tyre’s pressure. This information is transmitted to the on-board computer system which continually monitors all tyre pressures to ensure they are as they should be. This is particularly useful so that you don’t start a long journey with a tyre that has a low pressure, helping to prevent damage further down the line, as driving on an underinflated tyre will cause un-necessary wear and tear. Additionally, the monitoring system can identify a puncture early before the effects start to manifest themselves, as it will identify the start of pressure dropping. This can prevent serious injury from occurring as the driver knows to check their tyres before negative driving effects are experienced.

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