Ford Quickclear Windscreen

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What is Quickclear Windscreen Technology?

Ford Quickclear Windscreen Technology has been designed to keep your visibility as high as possible when on the road. Whether you're starting your journey or mid-way to your destination, Quickclear helps to reduce and remove any affects that might obscure your vision through your windscreen. A very common occurrence is a frozen windscreen, particularly through the winter months.

Quickclear is able to melt ice and snow from your windscreen in a matter of minutes, meaning de-icer or scrapers are not required in order to start your journey – meaning you can stay in your car wrapped up warm!

Other weather conditions like heavy rain can also cause your windscreen to steam up. With QuickClear technology your front windscreen is kept free of steam or condensation ensuring your have maximum visibility at all times.

How does Quickclear Windscreen Technology work?

Ford Quickclear Windscreen technology operates in much the same way as your heated rear windscreen. Electrical conduits are present within the windscreen itself and once a current is passed through it, heat is generated which works to melt ice or snow and remove any steam or condensation that might be in place during adverse weather conditions. At the press of a button, your screen will be clear within a matter of minutes depending on what the obstruction is.

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