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As the Pinnacle of the Ford brand, Vignale delivers the most prestigious Ford vehicles to customers that want premium luxury and crasftsmanship. The appeal however goes beyond just the vehicles themselves. As a Vignale customer, the same exceptional quality materials is also demonstrated in our customer service, providing you with the very best experience during your time with us.

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Vignale Relationship Manager

Each Ford Vignale customer will have their very own personal relationship manager who will be available 24/7 to look after you. Whether you have any questions, or require help with any of the systems and features, your relationship manager can be contact for assistance. Additionally, the relationship manager will organise for your vehicle's on-going servicing and care, with collections and deliveries at times to suit you also included as a Vignale customer. Vignale OneCall and the Vignale Service App are also exclusively available to Vignale customers, adding extra convenience when looking after your vehicle.

Vignale Lounge

Retail showrooms can be very busy as people explore the different products and services on offer. Within our FordStore locatin in Bootle, Liverpool, there is an exclusive VIP Vignale Lounge set aside just for Vignale customers. Here you will find comfortable and spacious seating, offering a quiet location for you to discover more about Vignale or wait whilst getting your car serviced.

People’s Ford - Ford Vignale Lounge

Vignale Lifestyle

Aside from the impeccable quality and refinement of the Vignale products and services, Vignale is about the embodiment of beauty and technology which have been seamlessly combined to produce the Vignale experience and lifestyle. Expecting more from your car is one thing, but Vignale is aimed at an appreciation. The countless hours that go in to hand making, hand crafting and hand polishing each Vignale car are meant to build a sense of pride, enhancing your ownership experience with prestige and luxury. A variety of Vignale accessories are available to buy that will match the Vignale vehicle of your choice, such as handbags and carry-alls. These accessories will fit into your typical day and allow Vignale to further integrate in to your life.

To find out more about Ford Vignale, contact Peoples Ford today or visit our FordStore in Bootle, Liverpool or Edinburgh, Scotland.

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