A family car that doesn’t look like a ‘family car’​


Brown Ford C-Max
Driver support Taking to the road in the new C-MAX or Grand C-MAX comes with added reassurance thanks to a host of innovative technologies. Active Park Assist and a rear-view camera support your parking, Blind Spot Monitoring keeps an eye out, and Driver Alert ensures fatigue never becomes an issue during your travel.
Ford PowerShift The ultimate combination of manual and automatic transmissions, the Ford PowerShift is an advanced six-speed gearbox capable of pre-selecting the next gear for you, thus ensuring that the next change is seamless and smooth. Not only that, it ensures fuel is saved and CO2 emissions are reduced.
Stay connected The most advanced version of the manufacturer’s connectivity system yet, SYNC 3 supports voice commands and pinch-and-swipe gestures for the ultimate control over your infotainment features. Connect to your smartphone and manage your apps, take calls safely, and access all your music and entertainment needs.
C-Max Interior



For any MPV, the core feature that has to be provided is space. With both the new Ford C-MAX and Grand C-MAX, interior space is abundant, with room for growing families to enjoy travelling in complete comfort and with room to spare for luggage, shopping, and even the family pet. 

With a panoramic roof providing an airier feel to your driving, quality upholstery as standard, and a range of practical stowage options throughout, the C-MAX and Grand C-MAX interiors are comfortable, practical, and flexible in equal measure. Plus, with entertainment coming via Ford SYNC 3 connectivity to your smartphone, you can be assured that your little ones will remain entertained during your travels.

Red Ford C-Max



Streamlined design with a sporty, sophisticated edge define both the C-MAX and Grand C-MAX models, while a choice of finishes enable you to personalise your model according to preference. With the distinctive front grille ensuring that the models are undeniably a part of the Ford family, and stylish headlights on either side providing intelligent illumination ahead of you, the appearance of the C-MAX and Grand C-MAX is more than impressive. 

But it isn’t just great looks that make the C-MAX such an appealing choice. With a hands-free tailgate opening and closing once you wave your foot beneath the bumper with your key fob in close proximity, loading up the vehicle with the weekly shop or for the family vacation becomes significantly easier.

Performance and efficiency Choosing the Ford C-MAX means choosing an MPV powered by advanced and highly efficient engines. Delivering the power more common to a 1.6-litre engine, the 1.0-litre EcoBoost provides up to 100ps for the C-MAX and 125ps for the Grand C-MAX, with CO2 emissions of 117g/km and 119g/km respectively.
Technology with Purpose In terms of cutting-edge technology, the C-MAX and Grand C-MAX both deliver. From Active City Stop to help avoid low speed collisions, to the Ford SYNC 3 connectivity technology providing access to all the information and entertainment features you need, there is plenty of state-of-the-art automotive measures packed into the vehicle.
    Hill-Start Assist Providing added control when you pull away on inclines, Hill-Start Assist maintains pressure to the braking system, giving you time to move your foot to the accelerator.
    Adaptive Cruise Control Integrated RADAR sensors monitor traffic conditions around you, slowing your vehicle to maintain a preset distance should a car in front be detected, returning to your chosen speed once clear.
    Pre-Collision Assist Vehicles and pedestrians crossing your path and presenting a collision danger will be detected by the Pre-Collision Assist system which automatically applies the brakes to reduce the impact.
    Blind Spot Information System Receive an orange light alert in your wing mirror courtesy of the Blind Spot Information System which detects vehicles you may otherwise be unaware of creeping up beside you.
    Rear-View Camera Reverse parking has never been simpler or safer than with the C-MAX and Grand C-MAX’s rear-view camera, displaying a crystal clear view of the road behind on the centre console.
    Driver Alert System Long-distance driving can be tiring, so having Ford’s Driver Alert System monitor your behaviour and detect any changes caused by fatigue will keep you safe out on the road.
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    C-Max Interior Technology

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    NEW FORD C-MAX & GRAND C-MAX Choose from the five-seat C-MAX or the seven-seat Grand C‑MAX, which features Ford’s innovative twin sliding doors and “walk-through” seat design for greater convenience, space and flexibility.
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