Popular blogger 'Cailyn's Mummy' and The All-New Fiesta Active

Popular parenting blogger Claire Ferguson enjoyed putting the Fiesta Active to the test with Peoples Ford. The SUV inspired Fiesta Active was the perfect match for Claire and her family. Living in the city centre, they spend their weekends travelling with daughter, Cailyn and this weekend was no different.Claire, her husband Chris and Cailyn went on their very own Fiesta Active adventure. Read more about it below.

Claire and her family collected the Fiesta Active for their weekend adventures from Peoples Ford. Claire describes it as her 'second home' as husband Chris is a BIG Ford fan. After being shown around the car by our friendly staff member, Michael they were handed the keys. They headed off to Jupiter artland to let Cailyn, Claire’s three year old daughter have a run around. The drive to Jupiter artland allowed the family the opportunity to test drive the Fiesta Active on windy roads and they couldn’t believe how well it handled, Claire’s husband, Chris is a very big fan of the Ford Mondeo and the drive convinced him that the Fiesta Active could be his next choice.

After Cailyn’s run around at the park, the family shot off back to Queensferry to grab things for Cailyn before heading to Beecraigs Country Park. As a family, they need a family car that makes life as simple as possible when travelling with Cailyn and living their life day to day. The All-New Fiesta Active had enough space to fit Cailyn's prams, baby seat and of course all her toys! Chris is also a very tall guy at 6ft so the extra space for him was definitely adding to his love for the Fiesta!

The family then headed to the iconic Edinburgh bridges in South Queensferry to have some lunch and enjoy a walk along the water. The All-New Fiesta Active is perfect for their weekend adventures to South Queensferry, they all enjoyed a sing-a-long with Cailyn in the car on the way there thanks to the B&O speakers!

"Are you comfy Cailyn?...." Wow Mum" Says it all really!

Favourite Part of The All-New Fiesta Active?

' We really liked the interior and it's definitely got that feel of effort and thought which is always nice when you buy a car. So I think from this you can tell we would happily buy a Fiesta Active'

'We loved it and it’s definitely a good size car, it handles really well, it’s so responsive and Chris said he’d definitely love to have one for a city car to drive back and forth from work. We have a Mondeo which we also got from Peoples and it's definitely a family size car so we thought about how the fiesta would cope with all our day to day things as parents & you know what ............ IT DID IT!'