Emma's day out to Jupiter Artland

As I mentioned last month, shielding has paused which means people who are classed as high risk from coronavirus are able to leave their homes and follow the same advice as everyone else.

I’m not quite ready for that yet, so I plan on continuing as I am at home and sticking to non-busy outdoor places when I do leave the house.

So after reading about Jupiter Artland and their COVID-19 visitor guidelines, I decided to visit over the weekend.

Jupiter Artland is a contemporary sculpture park and art gallery in the outskirts of Edinburgh. To my surprise, it is only a short drive from where I live, so it was ideal. Why hadn’t I known of this place before now?

We booked our visit online and were able to select the option for discounted entry to blue badge holders plus free entry for one carer. As we drove through the entrance gates, we stopped to pick up our tickets. We didn’t even have to leave the car so there was no direct physical contact and we could maintain appropriate distancing.

Once we entered the sculpture park we followed the sign for the disabled car park. There were around eight to ten disabled parking bays and many were available, so we managed to get parked up quickly.

We then headed up a gentle tarmac slope which then led to cobblestones where the gift shop, toilets and cafe were located. We didn’t stop though and continued beyond this area to begin the trial to look for the sculptures dotted around the woodland.

The art installations have a slightly creepy feel to them. There was a cage with a giant hole, a gun leaning against a tree, a cemetery with a narrow entrance (which I couldn’t fit through) and creepy girls weeping in the woods with their hair hiding their faces.

Then we entered another part of the park, which was much lighter and prettier. This part consisted of giant swirly mounds of grass, an outdoor altar, animals and more.

The sculpture park isn’t fully wheelchair accessible, but I was able to manage the majority of it in my powered wheelchair. I even braved the climb up one of the giant mounds - I was feeling adventurous.

Although it wasn’t raining when we visited, parts of the grass were still slightly wet from the rain the previous day, so my wheels got quite muddy. Oh, the joys of enjoying the outdoors when you have wheels and live in Scotland.

I guess the good thing is the ramp and floor in our Ford Tourneo Connect is easy to clean. I’m really keen to explore more of the beautiful outdoors and scenery Scotland has to offer.

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