Glasgow's No.1 Baby & Family Support (GN1 BFSS)

Who they are:

Glasgow's No.1 Baby & Family Support Service are a one stop free charity service that collect and deliver goods to struggling individuals and families. The service was set up in 2017 by Audrey Dempsey who set out to help families with babies in the North of Glasgow and since then the charity has grown massively to offer support and goods to a range of people within the community. They are a vital service that aimed to remove the stigma that people in-work don't require help and set out to try and tackle in-work poverty head on. From washing machines to toys for children, they want to ensure that as many people and families as possible have what they need and are supported.

What they do:

  • Supports people in financial hardship & working poverty by providing them with the material goods needed to meet their basic daily needs.
  • Aim to improve the lives of families and individuals who struggle daily to survive because their income is lower than the outgoings.
  • Collect donations from the public and allocate them to the people in Glasgow who need them.
  • Support peoples aged birth through to pension with everything and anything to make life a bit easier.
  • Distribute goods to families such as toys, furniture, clothes, baby supplies - 'anything & everything'.

How we helped:

Here at Peoples Ford, we pride ourselves on the support we can provide to the community and the organisations that function within them. We were honoured to help out the team at Glasgow's No.1 Baby & Family Support by providing them with an All-Electric E-Transit to help them carry out the amazing charity work they do. This new van will be pivotal to the team as they recycled just short of £3million worth of goods that were donated by the public in the last 6 years so the new mode of transport will help them collect & deliver much easier and safer! The team over at Glasgow's No.1 were absolutely thrilled to receive their E-Transit and excited about all the important help it could provide:

"We can collect and deliver in the city easily whilst supporting the environment as well as the citizens and services all over as, the public support us. That's the cycle of support we have all created and it's a lifeline for many. Now we can get larger items easily to our service users or collected from our donors and do so with a clear conscience with the big EV. If you see us give us a wave!"

Check out a few images of their new All-Electric E-Transit below: