Joan, our Sales Admin Manager

Responsible for supporting our new and used sales teams, Joan manages all the administration across our Liverpool dealerships. Joan has been part of our team for over 25 years and we couldn't do what we do without her. Learn more about Joan in our Q&A below.

What would you say has been your greatest achievement at Peoples Ford?

The greatest achievements are the most difficult to overcome, the challenges that require you to give it your all. Every month my admin team are presented with a host of ever changing challenges, it gives us the opportunity to show our ability to deliver top level administration ultimately to ensure all deadlines are met. For the first hour of the first day of the month I always enjoy a sense of achievement and then it all starts again!

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

Gerald Durrell – One of the best story tellers ever. His power of description of animals and humans is second to none:

“The last time I saw the Rose-beetle Man was one evening when I was sitting on a hill-top overlooking the road. He had obviously been to some fiesta and had been plied with much wine, for he swayed to and fro across the road, piping a melancholy tune on his flute. I shouted a greeting, and he waved extravagantly without looking back. As he rounded the corner he was silhouetted for a moment against the pale lavender evening sky. I could see his battered hat with the fluttering feathers, the bulging pockets of his coat, the bamboo cages full of sleepy pigeons on his back, and above his head, circling drowsily round and round, I could see the dim specks that were the rose-beetles. Then he rounded the curve of the road and there was only the pale sky with a new moon floating in it like a silver feather, and the soft twittering of his flute dying away in the dusk.”

My Family and Other Animals, Gerald Durrell (1956).

Tommy Cooper - simple uncomplicated humour “last night I dreamt I ate a giant marshmallow – I woke up this morning and my pillow was gone!

Freddy Mercury - in my opinion one of the greatest most multi-talented singers in rock history.

Where would you most like to be right now?

Italy is my favourite place to visit. Preferably a villa off the tourist track and a taxi ride away from some local fish restaurants.

What do you owe your parents?

I would say everything and they would probably say nothing at all.

What is your earliest memory?

Pre-school. A surprise puppy arrived and I remember looking at her tiny paws clinging to my cardigan. She was named Patch and she was with me until I left secondary school.

What is your most treasured possession?

My mum’s gloves! As a small child I used to sit at her dressing table trying them on I thought they were so glamorous. They were not dull practical winter gloves, they were turquoise cotton with tiny white spots probably purchased in 1950’s 1960’s.Today they have pride of place on my dressing table.

Tell us a joke?

I said to my gym instructor “can you teach me to do the splits?” he said “how flexible are you?” I said “I can’t make Tuesdays.”

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