Mother's Day

The secret has been out for a while: Mums are superheroes.

A combination of motivational speaker, psychologist, doctor and general human comfort blanket, they’re a true force to be reckoned with.

And while your mum deserves to be treated like royalty every day of the year, take the opportunity this Mother’s Day on 19th March to show her how much she means to you by taking her out for a lovely wee jaunt to spend some real quality time together.

It’s important to acknowledge the mother figure in someone’s life isn’t necessarily a birth parent; they might be a grandmother, a stepmother, an auntie or a dad might have had to take on both roles. Whoever holds that place for you, make this Mother’s Day the sweetest yet.

What could be better than gathering the siblings or yourself and heading over to mama’s house for door-to-door service to take her for a lovely day out? Taking the car gives you the opportunity to go further afield plus it allows your special lady to enjoy their fizz/gin/pale ale safe in the knowledge a personal driver will deliver them back home.

On route to your chosen destination/s be sure to make a play list filled with songs that are precious to the both of you. Get the old bangers on and belt out the ballads. Singing in the car with someone you love is one of the simplest ways to bond and share a special moment. You must never discount the little things.

Most mums really appreciate the time they spend with their children rather than material gifts, although a bonnie bouquet never seems to go a miss, just be sure to peel the price off.

One thing you could do to create a Mother’s Day that’s unique to her is to lay out a memory map. Outline a route you can go on that brings you and your Mum to a few special places which have been significant to you both over the years. You might kick off with your favourite local brunch spot or take her somewhere further afield that does the best Eggs Benny and Bloody Marys around because that’s her absolute favourite. Go to a gallery you both enjoy together, head to the beach for some morning yoga and a swim, go for a walk in the country park where she watched you take some of your first wobbly steps. You could even pack up a picnic to enjoy a lunch on route and fill it with old photographs, put together an album that contains all your favourite Mum pics, including the dodgy haircut she had in the 80s and the bewildering outfits she put you in as a tot. Remember to take more pictures on the day so you can add to the album. You can throw some new spots in as well to create new memories in different places.

The nice thing about a trip like this is, it’s tailored to one person so everyone’s routes will look a bit different. Plus, there’s every chance a truly thoughtful excursion such as this will put you in the good books for the long haul which means extra helpings at Sunday dinner and quite possibly two tangerines in your stocking from Santa..

Wherever you go and whoever you spend Mother’s Day with, be grateful you have them looking out for you.

After all, love is a superpower.

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