A Family Day in The New EcoSport with Edinburgh Life With Kids

What does a typical day look like for your family? Our weekdays are so dominated by nursery and school runs that it’s really important that we make the most of our weekends. It’s a time to do things we enjoy and spend time with each other, whilst making the most of everything Edinburgh offers us as a family.

Last weekend, we had the chance to test drive The New EcoSport from Peoples Ford and ultimately really enjoy the features it now boasts. So I thought I’d share a day in the life of Edinburgh with kids – helped out by The New EcoSport:

First, Parkrun

I like to start Saturday mornings by taking part in Parkrun at Cramond. My neighbour Kate usually runs as well so we always try to lift share. This week it also gave her an opportunity to check out The New EcoSport as well. Her first impression was the colour and general look of the car.

The New EcoSport ST-Line specific side bumpers and side skirts, along with a large rear spoiler which makes it look much sportier than the standard version. But this look carries on inside with the leather trimmed steering wheel, gearstick, and hand break – which all have red stitching too. Although it’s obviously a family-friendly car, it was nice to be driving something that felt a bit ‘younger’ and cool.

Children playing in car
Lady by Ford vehicle
Child in Ford car passenger seat

Last week I was listening to a podcast which asked the question which was the ‘fastest’ Parkrun in Britain. Edinburgh didn’t even warrant a mention, but I’m confident that it would win the prize for the windiest. It really can be brutal some weeks – particularly as it’s first thing in the morning too. With that in mind, this week we really enjoyed the heated seats after our run and the heated steering wheel was amazing as well!

Typically, it also started to rain as we were on route which combined with the cold, usually means a steamed up windscreen. However, Ford have this great thing on their cars – front and rear heated windscreens!

To Swimming

After Parkrun, it was a case of entertaining Thomas during Katie’s swimming lesson – which proved very easy thanks to the tech in The New EcoSport. Sync 3 has an epic range of features that I could use via Bluetooth, and once I plugged my phone in via the USB – I found Apple CarPlay. This meant that I could use some of the apps on my phone via the central console in the car or just via Siri! I could have my messages read out to me – to which I could respond via voice alone – and access my Amazon Music! This was really cool as it then meant I could play anything Thomas wanted – which ultimately just meant we were listening to ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ on repeat. Which was fine as it also meant he was really quite happy and the quality of the Bang & Olufsen Sound system helped too!

Baby Smiling
Young Child Smiling

Followed by Finn and Bear

For lunch, we headed into Leith to Finn and Bear; the latest restaurant from The Pantry family nestled right on The Shore. With Nutella waffles for the kids and Eggs Benedict with crispy bacon for the adults; it was the perfect pick-me-up to keep the family going.

It was good to catch up with various friends there too and a chance to get their impressions of The New EcoSport. We ended up having a big debate over the way the boot of the car opens; rather than having to be pulled down, it opens like a door. On the one hand, this could be irritating if you reversed into a space and had a limited amount of room; but equally, it means you can still close it when you have your hands full. Overall, we went for the consensus that it was cool and that the height of the car meant it generally would make life a lot easier!

With a run around a castle

To burn off our food, we decided to chance the rain and go for an explore at Lauriston Castle. We’re so lucky to have this on our doorstep as the views across the water are just stunning. Even though it was a little muddy underfoot, it was lovely to just let the kids run free! Fresh air + space = happy family in our world.

Man with his Ford Ecosport
Children in Ford Ecosport

Before hanging out at Peoples Ford!

On our way back to return the car Thomas duly fell asleep so I had time to catch up with Marc Jacobs – the Showroom Controller at Peoples Ford. Whilst I’m far from being a ‘petrol head’ I did enjoy looking at all of the cars in the Ford range. I’m amazed at how much tech now is just standard in cars but also how thoughtful the design of cars are – particularly for families.

Although The New EcoSport is a bigger car than I usually drive, I found it was much lighter to steer. Combined with the rear cameras, it was also incredibly easy to park!! Marc explained this was due to the electric steering which means it really is lighter and more manoeuvrable than ever before. Additionally, the extra height on the car meant it was much easier to get the kids in the car as I wasn’t having to lean over as much to get straps and seat belts done up.

Whilst we’re obviously lucky to have cars that work and are safe for our kids, there were a number of features that would undoubtably make life simpler. It was great to just chat honestly with Marc and to find out what we could be getting for what we currently pay. As it turns out, our plan is to switch both our cars to Ford in the very near future!

P.S. Thank you so much to Peoples Ford for making this post possible and for supporting Edinburgh with Kids.