Peoples Stories with Chris

Our friend Chris Harvey, a lifestyle and brand photographer recently got behind the wheel of the All-New Kuga Titanium for a weekend. Designed to be ready for anything, the All-New Kuga comes with a new dynamic interior and all new exterior look and feel.

For me, the weekend is all about getting in the car, driving into the countryside and exploring the outdoors. Thanks to Peoples Ford, this weekend I was able to do that in the All-New Ford Kuga Titanium.

I’ve always enjoyed driving - it’s never a chore. As long as I have some music playing, a destination I’m excited about and some good company then I’m happy. That being said, the perfect car can really elevate the driving experience. I’m fortunate to have access to some of the best driving roads and most breath taking scenery so, naturally, exploring in the All-New Kuga seemed idyllic.

It was an early start on the Saturday. I drove to Moel Fammau, a mountain in the Clwydian Range about 25 minutes from where I live. It’s a popular spot for walkers due to its easy access and steady ascent.​

The roads leading up to the car park are narrow and, for lack of a better word, bendy. I was immediately surprised by how easy the Kuga was to manoeuvre. It felt agile, responsive and its size never felt like an issue. I’m used to driving small hatch backs that easily handle narrow lanes and tight passing points. Thankfully, the transition to the Kuga was seamless - Talk about a well-proportioned car.

The walk up Moel Fammau is a fairly short one, you can get up and down in about an hour and half and it’s fairly leisurely. That being said, I definitely needed a coffee when I got back to the car. I have a habit of always making sure I have coffee with me when I go on walks - it’s an essential. I poured myself a cup and just sat in the boot hatch while I figured out where to go next.

It was around mid-morning when I left Moel Fammau and I thought I’d take the All-New Kuga along one of my favourite driving roads to really get a feel for the car. From Moel Fammau, I headed to the Horseshoe Pass which over looks the town of Llangollen. A popular route with bikers due the winding roads and beautiful scenery.

Being a larger car, I was pleasantly surprised by how nibble it felt. There was very little roll through the corners, the ride was smooth, and the car had plenty of acceleration which is certainly useful when having to overtake cyclists and tractors.

I mentioned at the start of this article that music is an essential part of any lengthy drive and this one was no exception as it’s about 45 minutes from Moel Fammau to the Horseshoe Pass.

I have a background in music production and a degree in Music Technology so I’m very particular when it comes to audio. One of my favourite features of the car is its audio system. The Bang & Olufsen speakers provide a really balanced sound with plenty of bass and a really pleasing treble frequency. I synced my phone to the car via Bluetooth (which is really easy) and then listened to all my favourite playlists on Spotify. I don’t listen to music at very high volumes but, for the sake of this test, I can reassure you all there is plenty of volume on tap.

I also love the interior of the All-New Ford Kuga, it’s a very nice place to sit. The touch screen display is responsive and easy to use and isn’t distracting when you drive, there’s even an option to turn it off completely which is handy. The control layout is well thought out and the driving position is really comfortable.

I was really impressed with the car, it was a joy to drive, was equipped with everything I needed and I think it could easily adapt to any lifestyle. I predominantly used the car in the countryside but it could just as easily feel right at home in a city or town setting. As I mentioned, it doesn’t feel like a big car and it’s packed with plenty of technology such as front and rear parking cameras which makes city living simple. No matter your lifestyle, I feel the All-New Ford Kuga is well worth considering.

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