Peoples Stories with Sarah

Our friend Sarah loves nothing more than exploring her home city, Liverpool. She got behind the wheel of the Puma to learn more about its advanced technology. Find out what Sarah loved most about the Puma below.

What is it about driving a hybrid that makes you feel so good? You can’t even feel the difference in reality. But the balmy comfort that envelops you, when you’re aware that you’re driving more economically, is a feeling to crave.

What you really want to know…

The Puma is punchy! Great acceleration, with thrifty fuel economy. Ecoboost means no-effort overtaking or getting up to speed, teamed with a firm sports suspension. It’s a fun drive!

The Puma sits you high enough to give you a feeling of confidence on the road and is packed full of luxury gadgets.

Leather trim Massage seats. Sooooo soothing! And quite frankly, the most luxurious addition a car can have.

A wireless charger . Absolutely essential these days, but feels a treat non-the-less.

Storage. The boot floor lifts to reveal an extra box compartment, providing you with 68L storage capacity. That’s 6 carry-on suitcases to you and me! I’m a keen traveller and annual Glastonbury frequenter, so this is a biggie! The rear secure parcel shelf is also really functional. Although the only thing I ever use mine for is to drive flowers home from the supermarket.

Digital touch screen display with built in satnav and SYNC 3 Infotainment System.

Ford SYNC3. Super easy system to navigate with a large screen.

Bang and Olufsen sound system No rattling, just crisp clear, super high-fidelity, no matter how loud you go. This really is my favourite feature. It sounds like a club inside!

Safety features . Comfortingly, little lights in your wing mirrors notify you if something’s in your blind spot.

Rear parking sensors. I had an S reg Fiesta back in the day, so I’m no stranger to hooking my arm around the passenger seat, to help crank my neck around that little bit further. In fact, little part of me is furious new drivers no longer need to master that skill!

Keyless entry and start up. Well, it just makes me feel sophisticated.

I live in the city centre, so although I like larger cars, I’ve really no need for one. What I do need is to feel safe, secure, confident and comfortable. The Puma ticks all these boxes, effortlessly. And its sporty look, is a hot little cherry on top.