Sarah Sanderson tells us why she loves the Ford Kuga

When Peoples Ford asked me to write about my favourite features in my Ford Kuga, I began listing them and found I just couldn’t stop. Having owned my last car for over 10 years, you’ll have to forgive me for being absolutely buzzing with all this tech!

Over the last few weeks, my favourite features have to be the heated steering wheel and seats. They just makes driving short distances so much more comfortable, in cold weather. I love the way the winter sun shines through the panoramic glass roof and I can keep my sunglasses in the designated sunglasses holder, specifically for these glorious days. When I began my hunt for a new car, it was my dream to have a sunroof, but its an expensive extra on a lot of cars. The sunroof is standard on my Kuga ST Line X and the full panoramic glass roof really allows us to get the vitamin D, when we want to. When we don’t, the electronic blind gives us great protection from the sun. This with the blacked out rear windows and boot blind, means the car is never uncomfortably hot inside in the summer time.

Our Kuga is super handsome and tall without being overly large, so its very easy to park. It’s quiet, smooth and luxuriously comfortable. The parking camera is great and even has it’s own little screen wash sprayer, to get rid of any dust or dirt.

I live in the city centre so I don’t drive a large amount, but I do need a spacious car for my giant dog, teenage son and all his friends. We really notice how luxurious our Kuga feels on long journeys. We recently drove to London and made full use of the wireless charger and touch screen navigation system.

Having so many automatic features, like automatic headlights, handbrake & windscreen wipers means I can concentrate solely on my driving. The voice control function makes switching radio stations and making calls so much easier. I don’t have to take my eyes off the road for a second. Driving in central London is scary, but thanks to all of my Kuga’s helpful automatic features, we completed it, no drama!

The Bang & Olufsen stereo system just hits different! There's no rattling or buzzing from the panels surrounding the speakers no matter how loud you dare to go. And the hands free boot opening is a lifesaver when I have an arm full of groceries. The boot is big enough to fit a large dog bed and the rear seats even move forward, if you need even more room.

A huge feature for me is the collision assist. The Kuga will break automatically if there is a hazard in your way. This dramatically reduces your chances of being in an accident, resulting from a momentary laps in concentration.

I feel safe, secure and comfortable, even when I’m on a long journey.

My Kuga has everything I need and more.

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