Soulful Sundays and Peoples Ford

The Soulful Sunday story dates back to March 2021 as the country was coming out of a strict national lockdown. Natalie Valenti, a mum of 3, found her true calling in life which was to make other people in her community feel happy.

Four friends, including Natalie herself, decided to get out the yoga mats and head down to the beach and go through some gentle poses. After they were done, some deep breaths were taken and they all slowly entered the cold water together. Much encouragement and support was required but they managed to release any stress and tension they were holding on to and managed to relax and take in the magnificent view, followed by a right good catch up around the warm fire after they were finished. Needless to say, the entire team felt incredible all of that week and just like that, a fantastic concept was born:

  • What if other people could come along on a Sunday morning to a safe and organised event that helped them to feel like we did?
  • What if I could help lots of people to feel better?
  • What if life really does get better when we focus on the beauty that surrounds us and take some time to nurture ourselves for once?
  • What if other people are in need of a community of like-minded souls?

Well, fast forward to just the very next week and this time the yoga on the beach had transformed into what would be known as Soulful Sunday. Two years on from this, the team have developed a thriving community of over 50+ attendees every week, all aiming to bring joy to their lives and push out of their comfort zones together as a group.

The overall ambition of the group is to one day see Soulful Sunday take place across every beach in the UK, and here at Peoples Ford we would absolutely love to see it happen!

Peoples Ford & Soulful Sunday

Here at Peoples Ford, we couldn't resist the opportunity to go and see this fantastic community activity in action, so a few members of our team went along on one sunny Sunday to Kinghorn beach in Fife, to see if we could help out. We thought there would be no better helping companion for such a day than our amazing All-New Ford Ranger. Getting all the equipment into the Ranger, across the sandy beach and next to the water was absolutely no problem at all for the Ranger and we were delighted to be able to help get things started. The story of Soulful Sundays that revolves around a group coming together to improve the lives of others is truly a fantastic cause and one that relates well to the origin and ethos of Peoples Ford. We always set out to improve the lives of individuals and families through provision of the best and most affordable vehicles, so to be given the chance to spend a day with a group who also aims to improve the lives of others within their community was absolutely brilliant.

More info on the All-New Ranger

You can see how our team provided support for the amazing Soulful Sunday group, by watching the video below!

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